Digital Printing T-Shirt

  Direct printing is the process of ink prenetration in the cotton fabric. The inks are made on the water base and therefore the print is harmless. The T-shirt aqcuires relief contact with the printed image. If the printed T-shirt is white color the ink is not felt at all. Printing with no transfer materials is so called direct printing. The printing machine operates on a digital inkjet principle. This allows to print different multi-color images with no restriction. Depending on the cotton quality the printed T-shirt is able to restand on frequent laundry. As much the quality of the cotton is higher as the print is permanent. This type of printing is able to be used in various field of work, such as: advertising, sports and entertainment, apparel production, trade sector (online and direct sales), baby clothing and many other industries related to textiles and products of cotton. In addition to T-shirts, we also have the opportunity to print on sweatshirts, tops, baby bodysuits, textile bags, cut textile, pillows. Direct printing gives the oppurtinity to be produced both large quantities and single pieces. 

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