Digital printing t-shirt

Everyone has ideas for digital print and many of them fit on T-shirts, sweatshirts or jackets. Stamp & Go gives a space to those creative ideas using DTG (direct to garment) technology - digital print with bright colors of photorealistic prints on a wide range of articles. The inks are applied directly without screens, without transfer or sublimation paper. The ink penetrates into the fibers which makes the print flexible without "rubber" surface and cracks. Digital printing is the state-of-the-art process we use for items that require high amounts of detail as well as orders of a smaller.

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Banners, flags and textile banners

Професионален печат и изработка на знамена за пилони. Знамена, които служат за външна и вътрешна реклама. Печатът може да бъде двустранен и едностранен на различна полиестерна основа. Печатим флагове за различни спортни събития.

Сублимация на тениски, баджове, шапки, нашивки, хавлии,текстил артикули, чаши, разкрой тектил и още различни продукти от текстил.

Флаговете, знамената и текстил артикулите  са отличителен знак за всички сфери на дейност. Ние предлагаме печат и изработка на знамена от 100% полиестерен плат, както и със смесена /сатен, ликра и др./ полиестерна основа.

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Flex-Flok stamp

This is a well known print technology for which is needed to be used thermo folio. It is used for all kinds of textile, mainly for synthetics: sport articles, workwear, polyesters. The print seems more like glossy, rubbery, suede, mossy to touch.

The colors are more tight, satiated, florid and bright. The most important thing is that flex/flock print has long laundry resistance.

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